How to Clean for your Move Out Inspection

//How to Clean for your Move Out Inspection

How to Clean for your Move Out Inspection

Moving into a new apartment is an exciting process, but remember the obligations you still have to your old landlord. To get your full security deposit back it is expected that not only will your apartment be damage-free, it will also need to be thoroughly cleaned. Ask your property manager for a checklist of cleaning items to ensure you don’t forget anything!

Where to Start:

After moving out all of your belongings the best place to start your cleaning is up high, like your ceiling fan blades and on top of your cupboards. If you start with the flooring you will have to clean it again after the dust from everything else falls back onto it.

What’s on the List:

Items you wouldn’t normally think to clean will be inspected upon your move out, so don’t forget to touch up the walls, baseboards, blinds, cabinets, and inside all your appliances on top of your everyday cleaning checklist.

What if I don’t clean?

Not only will you be losing your security deposit, you may have trouble renting somewhere else! Landlords and property managers often ask for a referral from your previous place of residency.

Carpet cleaning:

Your lease does not require you to have your carpets professionally cleaned, however it is highly recommended! If you do this it will not be questionable whether or not you have thoroughly cleaned it, and it’ll be in great condition for the next tenant, just like you would want it for yourself.

Following these small tips as well as checking off everything on your cleaning list is a great way to get your full deposit back!