Home Testimonial

Very competent, well organized, very friendly, caring beyond professional limits. We felt very welcomed, all our needs were met and the advice we received was extremely helpful.

Mr. & Mrs. Brown


A Thank You - As a three year resident of Ames Wessex, I truly believe this is the best complex in Ames. I appreciate the quiet environment, the landscaping, the facilities, the immediate problem solving if a problem occurs and the ability to be involved in community should I choose. So frequently, the very things one appreciates about where they reside are left unsaid and I would ask that you pass my thanks to all your staff for providing a great place to live in Ames, IA.


Carol S

"The Best of The Best" I moved to Ames, Iowa about 18 months ago and literally feel in love with Wessex Apartments, a Gated Community. The location and all the wonderful amenities such as the pool, walking-trail,tennis court, exercise room, to name a few are always clean, well kept and in perfect repair. The landscaping is always perfect with such beautiful flowers, during the Holiday's the Club House looks so enchantingly perfect for a party or for that matter even a wedding. The Staff here is really the heart and soul of The Wessex, Sherri, Ali, Betsy, Dave, and Tim are what make this truly The Best Place to live in Ames, Iowa. One Class Act!!!


Patty E

We love Wessex! From a very responsive maintenance crew to comprehensive amenities, we really like living in Wessex. The apartments are well-appointed and, more importantly, very well soundproofed. Being able to reserve a well-equipped club house makes having larger events (like dinner parties) easy, the pool, the walking path, and the fitness room are convenient and well-kept, and the management is very quick to respond to any problems (of which there have been very few). Grounds upkeep is very good and snow removal is prompt. There's really not more to ask for!


Randal F

I truly enjoy my home here in the Wessex Apartment Complex. The campus is attractive and well maintained. The neighbors are quiet, respectful and friendly. Management is caring, helpful and efficient. Any maintenance needs are handled well and in a timely manner. My apartment is spacious, well designed and really quite lovely. I am so very glad I chose to live here at Wessex. I feel at home.


Anonymous A

I was a resident at Wessex for six years. The Wessex community delivers not only quality living but an environment of caring and safety. The staff at Wessex provides a myriad of social activities allowing tenants to meet and greet residents, share common interests and make new friends. The management team is outstanding and goes the extra mile to make you feel welcome, meet your personal needs and ensure your living experience exceeds your expectations. The rules at Wessex are fair and designed to maintain not only the complex appearances, but also provide a level of safety. I would recommend Wessex to anyone and if I were to return to Iowa, Wessex would be my first and only choice to live.

Gail C. LaFayette

Merry Christmas to the Wessex management and staff. I am a former tenant. My employer has moved me several times since my stay at Wessex. Your staff and facilities exceeded any of my rental experiences in small or large towns. Thank you for such a pleasant time.


Olivia J.